Lincoln Electric Welding Equipment

We are an exclusive agent for Lincoln Electric, a world leader in the manufacture of welding equipment and consumables. Lincoln have been renowned for their high-quality, competitively priced welding solutions for more than a century.

Lincoln Electric stick welders for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) use stick electrodes for welding mild steel, low alloy, stainless steels and cast iron, as well as hardfacing for repair, maintenance and fabrication.

Stick Welding Electrodes

We sell the full range of Lincoln Electric stick welding electrodes, which are ideal for mild and low alloy steel welding applications. The range includes cellulosic, rutile and low hydrogen coating types, designed to provide maximum welding efficiency.

Excalibur ®

Excalibur® is Lincoln Electric's premium brand of low hydrogen, mild steel and low alloy stick electrodes, which provide exceptional puddle control, a smooth arc, excellent strike and re-strike capabilities, self-peeling slag and extremely low spatter levels.

Fleetweld ®

Well established and respected in the welding industry, the Fleetweld® cellulosic stick electrode is ideal for a range of applications, from deep arc penetration for pipe welding to fast freezing slag for sheet metal applications.

Pipeliner ®

Lincoln Electric's Pipeliner® range is designed specifically for in-plant and cross-country pipe welding. Products are lot controlled and tested to provide actual chemistry and mechanical properties.

Shield-Arc ®

Designed specifically for pipeline welding, these cellulosic stick electrodes feature superior puddle control at different strength levels for a wide range of pipe grades.

Jetweld ®

The Jetweld® range comprises mild steel stick electrodes, designed to provide smooth bead appearance with minimal spatter.

Jet L-H ®

The Lincoln Electric Jet L-H® is a mild steel, low-hydrogen stick electrode, designed to provide smooth arc performance for general fabrication welding applications.

Lincoln ®

This mild steel, low-hydrogen stick electrode delivers smooth arc performance on general fabrication AC polarity welding applications.

Softweld ®

Ideal for cast iron repair, Softweld® is a premium, non-ferrous stick electrode designed to provide machinable deposits.

Ferroweld ®

This is Lincoln Electric’s low-cost option for cast iron welding.