UPC Marine Fenders

Urethane Products Corporation (UPC)

engineers a wide range of Fender Systems to protect Naval Vessels, Commercial Tankers, Cruise Ships, Docks and Harbors.


We are an appointed agent for Urethane Products Corporation (UPC) in Europe, Angola and Nigeria. Their range of high-quality, high-performance urethane marine products includes marine fenders, buoys and flotation foams.

Marine Fenders

Sold under the brand names Marine Guard™ and Marine Cushion™, UPC's marine fenders are constructed to high standards, using closed-cell, energy absorbing, resilient foam core and a filament-reinforced, durable polyurethane skin.

Foam filled fenders are highly efficient, absorbing 40% more energy than pneumatic fenders. Ideal as ship fenders, offshore fenders (such as donut fenders) or submarine fenders, they remain fully functional, even if the skin is punctured.

UPC's compact Marine Guard™ shipboard fenders are perfect for use on lifeboats, or as life floats and buoyancy aids.

Foam Filled Buoys

UPC's Marine Guard™ buoys feature similar high standards of manufacturing as the company's marine fenders. The core of the buoy consists of a central steel frame, which is epoxy coated or hot-dip galvanized and encased in a closed-cell urethane foam central body. The outer layers comprise several inches of a closed-cell, energy-absorbent, resilient foam, covered by a durable, nylon filament-reinforced polyurethane skin which is non-corrosive and low-maintenance.

The UPC range includes: chain-through boys, cylindrical utility buoys, mooring buoys, oceanographic buoys, pendant buoys, rectangular anchor pendant buoys, navigational and marker buoys, and semi-spherical support buoys.

Dredge Pipe Flotation

UPC's pipe floats deliver resilience and reliability for dredging and mining. Marine Guard™ dredge pipe floats are made with a filament-reinforced, polyurethane skin over a closed-cell, resilient foam core. Although they are not designed as marine fenders, they would absorb a substantial amount of energy in the event of a collision, helping protect the dredge pipe and the vessel.

Marine Security Barriers

UPC's marine security barrier systems provide protection for ships in port. Easy to transport, they can be interconnected to create a wall, preventing smaller craft coming near to large, docked vessels.

Flotation Foams

UPC also manufactures a range of USCG-approved, closed-cell flotation and buoyancy foams. They are available in pre-manufactured billets or a two-part liquid which can be mixed in a 50:50 ratio after delivery.

The Benefits

  • High Energy Absorption Up to 40% better than comparable sized pneumatic fenders.
  • Low Reaction Force Slow gradual reaction force compared to hard rubber type fenders.
  • Easy Installation Can be installed fixed or floating.
  • Hull Conforming Protrusions from ship hull will not damage or harm fender.
  • Low Maintenance No pressure relief or inflation valves to maintain.
  • Unsinkable Even when punctured (unlike pneumatic fenders).