Cold Room Panel Production Line

We were asked to design a production line for the fabrication of cold rooms to store fish in Angola. Having investigated the possibilities and visited various plants of a similar nature throughout Europe, we specified a range of suitable hardware. The solution was to produce heavily insulated steel panels, which would then lock together to form the walls and roof of the cold room.

The production line starts with a roll former which makes the inner and outer steel sheets from pre-painted food safe steel, which we specifically chose for its special hygiene standards compliance for storing fish. Once this is formed, it is lifted by suction cups suspended with overhead cranes into a Manni 12 meter press. The press can form panels 200mm thick, 1200mm meters wide and up to 12 meters long.

The newly formed panels are then injected using a Cannon C300 injection machine with a special blend of Iso and Polyol. The combination of these chemicals creates an insulating foam layer between the steel skins of each panel. While the foam cures, the press then holds panel in place. Finished panels are ready to be locked together and form the cold room.

This technique could equally be applied to almost any construction, including domestic and business buildings.

The Manni press and Cannon C300 machines are well know throughout industry as good solid units and as such can be expected to deliver consistent performance for many years to come.

Below is a gallery of photographs taken on site during the commissioning of the production line hardware: